ACM ICN 2021, Paris, France

8th ACM Conference on Information-Centric Networking (ICN 2021), Sept. 22–24, 2021

Instructions for Video Recording and Submission

The conference presentations will be delivered live online, but we would also like to collect pre-recorded videos and presentation slides in case there are any technical problems during the live presentations.

Video Submission Deadline

End of day on September 13, 2021

Update Location

Video Length and Format

  • The duration of any paper presentation video is 15 minutes.

  • Tool: ACM ICN 2021 will not recommend a specific video capture tool. Presenters can use various video conferencing tools or dedicated video recording software.

  • Video Resolution: the preferred resolution is 1080p/HD if possible but 720P is also acceptable. We do not require a specific bitrate, but we expect videos be of good quality (3000-10,000kb/s rate is good). Depending on the software you are using to record/edit the video, file size can vary, 150 MB - 1.5 GB per 15-minute presentation is good.

  • Presenter’s headshot: the presentation should show slide contents in the main area, with the presenter video in a smaller window (either picture-in-picture or other equivalent composition). Use head/shoulder composition for the presentation rather than larger view areas. Transitions from slides to speaker and back are acceptable when appropriate.

  • Background: use a plain static background for the presenter, either the speaker’s normal office setting, a solid color, or a static virtual background if a green screen is available. Do not use virtual backgrounds without a green screen, nor animated backgrounds due to the video artifacts that can be introduced.

  • Clothing: plain clothing in solid color (no prints, logos, graphics etc.) tend to give better quality results.

  • Videos in slide shows: do not include videos or fast-moving animations in the slide show material. If video is required please send it separately and will be shown after the slide presentation.

  • Language/images: please use care not to have any stereotypical or potentially offensive wording, images, or animations. These will be flagged during review and videos will have to be redone.

  • Subtitles: as the videos will be uploaded to the ACM YouTube Channel there is no need to worry about subtitles.

  • Video file name: before uploading your video file, please name it using the following naming convention:



    {SID} is your session ID (you can look for it in the program in the website) {presentation-order} is the order of your presentation in the session. {presenter-last-name} is the last name of the presenter. For instance, if you are the second (2) presenter in the third (3) session, the name of your file would be: 4-3-PresenterLastName.mp4.

  • Slides: The presentation slides file should be in PDF format using a similar naming convention:


If you have any questions, please contact the TPC chairs.