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From 794 to 1869, Kyoto was home to the Imperial Household. Even today, nearly 3,000 temples and almost 2,000 shrines can be found in the city. Because of this, the culinary traditions handed down through generations of the Emperor's Court, Buddhist monks, and Shinto priests can still be enjoyed today. (from Welcome to Kyoto)

Area Restaurants
This pdf file shows restaurants and coffee shops around the venue -- provided by Kyto International Conference Center.

Traditional Cuisine
Ryotei restaurants serving Kyoryori style of traditional cuisine known as Kaiseki specialize in meals of the highest quality, and are places where Japanese gardens can be enjoyed whilst dining amidst an atmosphere of refined elegance. A lunchtime course starts from around 3,000yen. Evening courses, for which reservations are necessary, start from around 10,000yen. As prices vary greatly between lunchtime and evening courses, it is recommended you check in advance.

Kaiseki Ryori (Kyoto haute cuisine)

The food served when an enkai (group banquet) is held at a ryotei (fancy Japanese-style restaurant). Before your meal sake and a sakana appetizer will be served. This small dish is thought to make the sake taste even better.
One usually eats kaiseki in the private room of ryotei, often overlooking a private, tranquil garden. The meal is served in several small courses, giving the dinner an opportunity to admire the plates and bowls, which are carefully chosen to complement the food and season. Rice is eaten last and the drink of choice is sake or beer.

Obanzai & Tofu Ryori

Obanzai Ryori is a traditional cuisine that has been passed down through generations of the ordinary Kyoto locals. It is characterized by the inclusion of tofu, namafu (gluten), yuba (curd of soy been), Kyoto vegetables, and many other traditional Kyoto ingredients.
Furthermore, there is also a type of traditional Kyoto special tofu cuisine. Tofu ryori, characterized by yudofu (boiled tofu) and other tofu dishes, is typical in this fashion. Because tofu contains little animal protein the dish is healthy, and the flavor of the ingredients by themselves can be enjoyed in this quintessentially Kyoto dish.

Popular food in Kansai Area
This is a pancake-like meal, made mainly from wheat flour, containing several kinds of accent toppings which you can choose freely according to your taste, and covered with Japanese special seasoning "Katsuo-Bushi" (thin slices of smoked fishflesh). Try at least once in your life SHOGETSU, near the north-east block of Tanaka-Satonomae intersection, where you encounter with Okonomiyakis of splendid size. Do not attempt, however, to eat the jumbo size only by yourself.

Other popular Japanese food

* Sushi
* Sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu
* Udon and Soba
* Ramen
* Donburi
* Sake

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