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Call for workshop proposals


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

August 22 - August 26, 2005

As part of the program of the ACM SIGCOMM 2005 conference, SIGCOMM will be hosting two days of workshops on technical areas related to data communications. SIGCOMM invites workshop proposals from interested communities.

General information:

The purpose of the workshop proposal is to describe the research topics covered by the workshop and how the workshop will be organized. SIGCOMM will provide basic support for the workshop in the form of registration, publicity, a meeting room, meal service for the workshop at the SIGCOMM conference, and a limited amount of supporting funds to cover workshop logistics. To encourage flexibility, the details of the format of the workshop, the form of submissions and presentations, and the likes is left to the workshop organizers. Because workshops are meant to foster discussions on emerging topics of interest amongs the broader SIGCOMM community, workshops are encouraged to be inclusive rather than exclusive in their solicitation of material. In addition, targeting more interactive forums such as presentations of short (6-page) papers rather than traditional presentations of full-length papers has been found more conducive to successful workshops.

Detailed guidelines

Proposals for workshops should be sent to the SIGCOMM 2005 workshop coordinator Dimitri Stiliadis () by October 15th, 2004 and should contain:

  • A description of the workshop's technical area and why it is becoming important in data communications.
  • A description of the workshop program (e.g., paper presentations, poster presentations, panelsessions) and expected attendance. The workshop program should fill one day and SIGCOMM encourages programs that require only one meeting room (for simplified logistics).
  • The names of key workshop volunteers (e.g., the workshop chair, program chair and possible program committee members).
  • A draft call for papers or participation.
  • Opportunities for sponsorship from corporate donors.


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