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Scalable Packet Classificaton using Distributed Crossproducting of  Field Labels   
David E. Taylor, Jonathan S. Turner
Washington University in Saint Louis

On the Potential Threats of Smart Traffic Flooding Attachs   
Ying Xu, Roch Guerin
University of Pennsylvania

How Real can Synthetic Network Traffic Be?   
Felix Hernandez-Campos, F. Donelson Smith, Kevin Jeffay
University of North Carolina

Trace-based Mobility Modeling for Campus-wide Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks   
Deepankar Bhattacharjee, Ashwin Rao, Chintan Shah, Manan Shah, Ahmed Helmy
University of Southern California

Fault Diagnosis of Path-vector Protocol through Accumulation of Topoligical Connectivity Information            
Dan Pei, Mohit Lad, Dan Massey, Lixia Zhang

WISL: An Application That Enables User-Perceived Performance Management   
Richard Liston and Ellen Zegura
Georgia Tech   

Landmarks Guided Forwarding   
L M How (Univ of Cambridge), J Crowcroft (Univ of Cambridge), A Greenhalgh (University College London),  A Campbell (Columbia University)

MEDYM: An Architecture for Content-based Publish-Subscribe Networks   
Fengyun Cao, Jaswinder Pal Singh
Princeton University

On the Interaction between overlay routing and MPLS Traffic Engineering   
H. Zhang, Yong Liu, Don Towsley, Weibo Gong

A Systematic Simulation-based Study of Adverse Impact of Short-lived TCP Flows on Long-lived Flows   
Shirin Ebrahimi, Ahmed Helmy, Sandeep Gupta
University of Southern California

Removing Redundancy from Packet Classifiers   
Mohamed G. Gouda, Alex X. Liu
Univ of Texas, Austin

Aggregate Rate Control for TCP Traffic Management   
Jae Chung, Mark Claypool
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Lilith: An Interconnection Architecture Based on Label Switching for Spontaneous Edge Networks
Vincent Untz, Martin Heusse, Franck Rousseau, Andrzej Duda
LSR-IMAG Labs, France

Sequoia: A Robust Communication Architechure for Collaborative Security Monitoring Systems
Xun Kang, Dayi Zhou, Dan Rao, Jun Li, Virginia Lo
Univ of Oregon   

Lower Bounds for Approximate Fairness   
Abhimanyu Das, Debojyoti Dutta, Ashish Goel, John Heidemann, Ahmed Helmy

DataRouter: A Network Layer Service for Application-layer Forwarding   
Venkata K. Pingali, Runfang Zhou, Joseph D. Touch
USC Information Sciences Institute

Analysis of Gradient-based Routing Protocols in Sensor Networks   
Jabed Faruque, Konstantinos Psounis, Ahmed Helmy
University of Southern California

RFID Wakeup in Event Driven Sensor Networks   
Primoz Skraba, Hamid Aghajan, Ahmad Bahai
Stanford University   

Exploiting Distance Indexed IP Traceback Schemes   
Lin Cai, Jianping Pan, Sherman Shen
Univ of Waterloo

Exploiting the Transients of Adaptation for RoQ Attacks on Internet Services   
Mina Guirguis, Azer Bestavros, Ibrahim Matta
Boston University

An Analysis of Location-Hiding Using Overlay Networks   
Ju Wang, Andrew A. Chien

The Impact of Routing Protocol and Policies and Internet Resilience   
Feng Wang, Lixin Gao

Robust Forwarding in Structured Peer-to-Peer Overlay Networks   
Wang-kee Poon,  Rocky K. C. Chang
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University   

Double Sense Multiple Access for Hidden Terminal Avoidance in AdHoc Sensor Networks   
Feiyi Huang, Yang Yang
Brunel Univ   

Strong Cache Consistency Support for Domain Name System   
Xin Chen, Haining Wang, Shansi Ren, and Xiaodong Zhang
College of William and Mary   

Reducing Malicious Traffiv with IP Puzzles   
Ed Kaiser (OGI), Wu-chang Feng (OGI), Wu-chi Feng (OGI), Antoine Luu (ENSEIRB)

Feasibility of Power Management in LAN Switches   
Maruti Gupta, Satyajit Grover, Suresh Singh
Portland State University   

Applying Repeated Games to Networking Problems   
Mike Afergan

A Comparative Study of Mobility Prediction Schemes for Grid Location Service   
Gurpreet Grewal, Saurabh Pradhan, Shshank Sharma, Venugopal Alatzeth, Ahmed Helmy

Nontransitive Dice Paradox in Networking   
Chi-kin Chau
Univ of Cambridge   

Towards a Composable Transport Protocol: TCP without Congestion Control   
Roland Kempter, Bin Xin, Sneha Kumar Kasera
Univ. of Utah

Last Modified: February 11, 2004