Outrageous Opinions Session

Karaoke Outrageous Opinions Session: Call for Presentation

The 2007 vintage of the outrageous opinion session will offer you two different ways to deliver your outrageous message:

As usual, you will be able to use a 5mns slot with as many slides as you want to bash Sigcomm, gossip on some community member(s), etc. Whatever, as long as it is not boring and makes us laugh.

If you're not sure about your skills to make us laugh, you can sing or speak your outrageous opinion on a popular song. Karaoke OOS speakers will be offered a sake warm-up and a gift at the end of the session.

It is highly probable that the winner of the 2007 OOS will be a karaoke contestant.

If you interested in any of the two options, please send an email message to "christophe.diot at thomson.net" to register and, in case of the karaoke option, to notify us with your song selection so that the committee can prepare karaoke for your song. The session will last one hour priority will be given to outrageous karaoke opinions!