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Located on Canada's west coast, Vancouver is a thriving port city set in the breathtaking Coastal Mountain Range. Being a major travel hub and located just 2 hours drive north of Seattle, getting to Vancouver is easy. Just 25 minutes south of downtown is the Vancouver International Airport offering connections to anywhere in the world via major airlines. 

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Map of Vancouver 

Planning Guide for your trip to Vancouver 
A great guide with informatioan on everything you would ever want  to know about travelling to Vancouver. 

Tourism Vancouver 

Expedia World Guide - Vancouver  
A rich, multimedia guide for all travelers, with details on culture,  visitor attractions, accommodations, and restaurants 

Granville Island 
An oceanside cultural oasis in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia.  What was once a declining turn-of-the-century industrial area is now an eclectic mix of commerce, business, industry, and the arts.  
Granville Island also has live theatre, restaurants, bars, an  Art college, and many crafts and works of art made on Granville Island. 

Stanley Park 
One of North America largest city parks. It is walking distance from the Sigcomm hotel. Includes a 6K seawall walkway.

Vancouver Weather 
Check today's weather and the forcast for the next few days.

The Vancouver Sun  
This is Vancouver's daily morning newspaper.

The University of British Columbia 
BC's largest university situated by West Point Grey near Vancouver.

UBC Computer Science Department 
Faculty, staff, graduate studies, research projects and more.

Simon Fraser University