Travelling to Nice is cheap

  • Same price as London from East coast (minimum around 500 USD).
  • From 700 USD from the West coast.
  • Direct flight from New-York to Nice with Delta in 6 hours.
  • From West coast, direct flight to London (10 hours) or Paris (11 hours with Air France (SFO), AOM (LAX), or United(SFO)).
  • Extra cost for flying to Nice from European main hubs is from zero to 100 dollars (depending on the airline).

    Travelling to Nice does not take all that long

  • London to Nice: 2 hours (5 flights per day).
  • Paris to Nice: 1 1/2 hour (25 flights per day).
  • Connecting time in Paris with Air France, American, United, Delta, TWA, Tower, Continental: 45 minutes.
  • You can also fly through Brussels, Geneva, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Milano, Madrid, ...
  • From Nice to Cannes (30 km), you can take a bus (10 USD; 45 minutes),
    a shuttle (40 USD; 30 minutes), or a helicopter (80 USD; less than 10 minutes).

    Plenty of good reasons to come to SIGCOMM

  • Mid-september is the perfect time to be in the south of France.
  • Real food, mediterranean cuisine.
  • Visit the Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, Huitema (under construction) museums
  • Attend SOPS in Saint-Malo two weeks after SIGCOMM.
  • Visit Monaco before it becomes a Chinese property.
  • Attend the first "pool session" in the history of SIGCOMM.
  • Have you ever been to the French Riviera ?
  • Better wine than at SIGCOMM '96.

  • ... and, of course, an outstanding technical program !

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