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Full conference registration includes Tuesday's evening reception, breaks, three lunches, one ticket for Wednesday's Social Event, and a copy of the conference proceedings. Student registration includes all of the above, except the Social Event. Please fill in the form below, then mark the appropriate conference and tutorial fees. Finally, add charges for extra tickerts to the Social Event. Rates are quoted in US Dollars.


Name on Badge:

ACM Membership #:


Mailing Address:





Vegetarian Meals:  Yes _____ No _____      

Exclude my address from:
         SIGCOMM Email list ___  Attendee Lists ____    

Please specify any additional special needs:

    Early registration rates: before August 1,1995 

                    Member    Non-Member 	Student   

      Conference     $325___        $425___     $110___ 


      MF-RJ          $250___        $350___   	$150___
      MA-GV          $175___        $225__     	$110___
      MP-MA          $175___        $225___    	$110___
      MP-BD          $175___        $225___   	$110___
      TF-PK          $250___        $350___   	$150___
      TF-AL          $250___        $350___   	$150___
      TA-HY          $175___        $225___    	$110___ 
      TP-KK          $175___        $225___   	$110___

     Late registration rates: after August 1,1995

                  Member        Non-Member       Student   

      Conference     $375___          $475___    $140___  


      MF-RJ          $300___          $400___ 	 $190___
      MA-GV          $225___          $275___    $140___
      MP-MA          $225___          $275___    $140___
      MP-BD          $225___          $275___    $140___
      TF-PK          $300___          $400___    $190___
      TF-AL          $300___          $400___    $190___
      TA-HY          $225___          $275___    $140___
      TP-KK          $225___          $275___    $140___

ACM and SIGCOMM Membership

Attendees who are not currently ACM or SIGCOMM members may join now to take full advantage of discounted rates for SIGCOMM 95:
ACM Associate Member Dues			$84
      Add SIGCOMM to ACM Membership            	$19
      ACM Student Dues                         	$25
      Add SIGCOMM to ACM Student Membership    	$12
      SIGCOMM Membership only (non-ACM)        	$50

      Total Membership Fees                    	$  _____
To advance the sciences and arts of information processing; to promote the free interchange of information about the sciences and arts of information processing both among specialists and among the public; and to develop and maintain the integrity and competence of individuals engaged in the practice of information processing. I hereby affirm that I subscribe to the purpose of ACM and understand that my membership is not transferable.

Social Event________ tickets  @$60 per ticket  =_________
	(One ticket to this event is included with registration)

	Total(conference fees + tutorials + membership + social event)___________

Payment Method:
Enclosed:       Check ____  Purchase Order ____

Credit Card Type: (Only VISA or Mastercard, please)

Credit Card Number:

Exp. Date:

Cardholder Name:____________________________
 	       (Exactly as printed on the card)     


Please complete this form and return with check (U.S. dollars) or credit card endorsement payable to:

SIGCOMM 95 Registration
The MITRE Corporation, MS: K331
202 Burlington Road, Bedford MA 01730-1420
Credit card payments also accepted via:
Fax: +1 617 271 2352

Written requests for refunds must be postmarked no later than August 15, 1995. Refunds are subject to a US$50 service charge. Participants with confirmed registration who fail to attend or notify SIGCOMM Registration of cancellation before the refund date are subject to the full fee. Substitutions are allowed at any time. Registrations received after August 15, 1995 will be processed on-site only.

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