ACM, the First Society in Computing, is a major force in advancing the skills and knowledge of IT professionals and students throughout the world. ACM serves as an umbrella organization, offering its 80,000 members a variety of fora to learn cutting-edge technical information, transfer ideas from theory to practice, and exchange information.

SIGCOMM, a special interest group of the ACM, provides a forum for computing professionals involved in the field of data communication. The members of SIGCOMM share a common interest in the use of networking to increase the utility and ubiquity of computing. The SIG focuses on network architecture, network protocols, distributed systems, and publications and standards news. SIGCOMM co-sponsors with the IEEE, the IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking journal. SIGCOMM also co-sponsors many conferences and publishes the quarterly newsletter Computer Communication Review which includes SIGCOMM's annual conference proceedings. Some areas of special interest are: design, analysis, measurement, maintenance, regulatory policy, standards, applications and social impact of computer network and computer communications equipment.

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