WDTN Workshop Technical Program

9:00 10:30: Routing

  • Introduction

  • Erasure Coding Based Routing for Opportunistic Networks (pdf)
    Yong Wang, Princeton University
    Sushant Jain, Univesity of Washington
    Margaret Martonosi, Princeton University
    Kevin Fall, Intel Research, Berkeley

  • Practical Routing in Delay-Tolerant Networks (pdf)
    Evan P. C. Jones, University of Waterloo
    Lily Li, University of Waterloo
    Paul A. S. Ward, University of Waterloo

10:30 11:00: Break

11:00 12:30: Routing and Movement

  • Pocket Switched Networks and Human Mobility in Conference Environments (pdf)
    Pan Hui, Intel Research, Cambridge and University of Cambridge
    Augustin Chaintreau, Intel Research, Cambridge
    James Scott, Intel Research, Cambridge
    Richard Gass, Intel Research, Cambridge
    Jon Crowcroft, University of Cambridge
    Christophe Diot, Intel Research, Cambridge

  • Spray and Wait: An Efficient Routing Scheme for Intermittently Connected Mobile Networks (pdf)
    Thrasyvoulos Spyropoulos, University of Southern California
    Konstantinos Psounis, University of Southern California
    Cauligi S. Raghavendra, University of Southern California

  • Resource and Performance Tradeoffs in Delay-Tolerant Wireless Networks (pdf)
    Tara Small, Cornell University
    Zygmunt J. Haas, Cornell University

12:30 1:30: Lunch

1:30 3:00: New directions

  • Multicasting in Delay Tolerant Networks: Semantic Models and Routing Algorithms (pdf)
    Wenrui Zhao, Georgia Insitute of Technology
    Mostafa Ammar, Georgia Insitute of Technology
    Ellen Zegura, Georgia Insitute of Technology

  • DTN Routing in a Mobility Pattern Space (pdf)
    Jrmie Leguay, Universit Pierre et Marie Curie
    Timur Friedman, Universit Pierre et Marie Curie
    Vania Conan, Thales Communications

  • Network Coding for Efficient Communication in Extreme Networks (pdf)
    Joerg Widmer, EPFL
    Jean-Yves Le Boudec, EPFL

3:00 3:30: Break

3:30 5:00: Panel / Discussion


  • Joerg Ott, Helsinki University of Technology
  • Mostafa Ammar, Georgia Tech
  • Scott Burleigh, JPL
  • Kevin Fall, Intel

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