Technical program

Monday August 22

8:30 - 12:00: Morning tutorial (T1)

8:30 - 4:30: Workshops (W1, W2)

12:00 - 1:00: Lunch

1:00 - 4:30: Afternoon tutorial (T2)

4:30 - 7:30: ACM Turing award lecture

7:45 - Student dinner - World Cafe Live

Tuesday August 23

9:00 - 9:15: Opening remarks

9:15 - 10:15: Keynote Speech

10:45 - 12:15: Session 1: Routing (Chair: Anja Feldmann, TU Muenchen)

  • Metarouting (paper) (slides)
    Timothy G. Griffin, University of Cambridge
    Joao Luis Sobrinho, Telecommunications Institute, Lisbon

  • HLP: A Next-generation Interdomain Routing Protocol (paper)
    Lakshminarayanan Subramanian, UC Berkeley
    Matthew Caesar, UC Berkeley
    Cheng Tien Ee, UC Berkeley
    Mark Handley, UCL London
    Morley Mao, University of Michigan
    Scott Shenker, UC Berkeley
    Ion Stoica, UC Berkeley

  • Implications of autonomy for the expressiveness of policy routing (paper)
    Nick Feamster, MIT
    Ramesh Johari, Stanford
    Hari Balakrishnan, MIT

12:15 - 1:45: Lunch

1:45 - 3:15: Session 2: Transport (Chair: Bruce Davie, Cisco)

  • One More Bit Is Enough (paper) (slides)
    Yong Xia, RPI.
    Lakshminarayanan Subramanian, Berkeley.
    Ion Stoica, Berkeley.
    Shivkumar Kalyanaraman, RPI.

  • Limitations of Equation-based Congestion Control (paper)
    Injong Rhee, Department of Computer Science, North Carolina State University.
    Lisong Xu, Department of CS&E, University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

  • The Power of Explicit Congestion Notification (paper) (slides)
    Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, Northwestern University

3:45 - 5:15: Session 3: DHT (Chair: Rich Draves, Microsoft Research)

  • OpenDHT: A Public DHT Service and Its Uses (paper) (slides)
    Sean Rhea, UC Berkeley
    Brighten Godfrey, UC Berkeley
    Brad Karp, Intel Research Pittsburgh and CMU
    John Kubiatowicz, UC Berkeley
    Sylvia Ratnasamy, Intel Research Berkeley
    Scott Shenker, UC Berkeley and ICSI
    Ion Stoica, UC Berkeley
    Harlan Yu, Princeton

  • Meridian: A Lightweight Network Location Service without Virtual Coordinates (paper) (slides)
    Bernard Wong, Cornell University
    Aleksandrs Slivkins, Cornell University
    Emin Gun Sirer, Cornell University

  • A Case Study in Building Layered DHT Applications (paper)
    Yatin Chawathe, Intel Research Seattle
    Sriram Ramabhadran, UCSD
    Sylvia Ratnasamy, Intel Research Berkeley
    Anthony LaMarca, Intel Research Seattle
    Scott Shenker, ICSI/UC Berkeley
    Joseph Hellerstein, Intel Research Berkeley

5:30: SIGCOMM business meeting - open to all

Wednesday August 24

9:00 - 10:30: Session 4: Wireless (Chair: Jitendra Padhye, Microsoft Research)

  • Using redundancy to cope with failures in a Delay Tolerant Network (paper)
    Sushant Jain, Univ of Washington,
    Mike Demmer, UC Berkeley
    Rabin Patra, UC Berkeley
    Kevin Fall, Intel Research Berkeley

  • Idle Sense: An Optimal Access Method for High Throughput and Fairness in Rate Diverse Wireless LANs (paper) (slides)
    Martin Heusse, LSR-IMAG
    Franck Rousseau, LSR-IMAG
    Romaric Guillier, LSR-IMAG
    Andrzej Duda, LSR-IMAG

  • ExOR: Opportunistic Multi-Hop Routing for Wireless Networks (paper) (slides)
    Sanjit Biswas, MIT
    Robert Morris, MIT

11:00 - 12:30: Poster session

12:30 - 2:00: Lunch

2:00 - 3:30: Session 5: Measurement (Chair: Jeff Mogul, HP Labs)

  • On the Predictability of Large Transfer TCP Throughput (paper) (slides)
    Qi He, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Constantinos Dovrolis, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Mostafa Ammar, Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Improving Accuracy in End-to-end Packet Loss Measurement (paper) (slides)
    Joel Sommers, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Paul Barford, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Nick Duffield, AT&T Labs-Research
    Amos Ron, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Profiling Internet Backbone Traffic: Behavior Models and Applications (paper) (slides)
    Kuai Xu, University of Minnesota
    Zhi-Li Zhang, University of Minnesota
    Supratik Bhattacharya, Sprint ATL

4:00 - 5:30: Session 6: Switching (Chair: T. V. Lakshman, Bell Labs)

  • Fast Hash Table Lookup Using Extended Bloom Filter: An Aid to Network Processing (paper)
    Haoyu Song, Applied Research Lab, Washington University in St. Louis
    Sarang Dharmapurikar, Applied Research Lab, Washington University in St. Louis
    Jonathan Turner, Applied Research Lab, Washington University in St. Louis
    John Lockwood, Applied Research Lab, Washington University in St. Louis

  • Algorithms for Advanced Packet Classification with Ternary CAMs (paper) (slides)
    Karthik Lakshminarayanan, UC Berkeley
    Anand Rangarajan, Cypress Semiconductors
    Srinivasan Venkatachary, Cypress Semiconductors

  • Dynamic Pipelining: Making IP Lookup Truly Scalable (paper) (slides)
    Jahangir Hasan, School of ECE, Purdue University
    T. N. Vijaykumar, School of ECE, Purdue University

6:00: Banquet - Moshulu restaurant

Thursday August 25

9:00 - 10:30: Session 7: Security (Chair: Steve Bellovin, Columbia Univ.)

  • Mining Anomalies Using Traffic Feature Distributions (paper)
    Anukool Lakhina, Dept. of Computer Science, Boston University
    Mark Crovella, Dept. of Computer Science, Boston University
    Christophe Diot, Intel Research, Cambridge, UK

  • BLINC: Multilevel Traffic Classification in the Dark (paper) (slides)
    Thomas Karagiannis, UC Riverside
    Dina Papagiannaki, Intel Research, Cambridge
    Michalis Faloutsos, UC Riverside

  • A DoS-limiting Network Architecture (paper) (slides)
    Xiaowei Yang, University of California at Irvine
    David Wetherall, University of Washington
    Tom Anderson, University of Washington

11:00 - 12:30: Session 8: Transport II (Chair: Ion Stoica, UC Berkeley)

  • Walking the Tightrope: Responsive Yet Stable Traffic Engineering (paper) (slides)
    Srikanth Kandula, MIT
    Dina Katabi, MIT
    Bruce Davie, Cisco
    Anna Charny, Cisco

  • Rigorous specification and conformance testing techniques for network protocols, as applied to TCP, UDP, and Sockets (paper) (slides)
    Steve Bishop, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
    Matthew Fairbairn, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
    Michael Norrish, NICTA, Canberra
    Peter Sewell, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
    Michael Smith, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
    Keith Wansbrough, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

  • Policing Congestion Response in an Internetwork using Re-feedback (paper) (slides)
    Bob Briscoe, BT Research
    Arnaud Jacquet, BT Research
    Carla Di Cairano-Gilfedder, BT Research
    Alessandro Salvatori, Eurecom and BT Research
    Andrea Soppera, BT Research
    Martin Koyabe, BT Research

12:30 - 2:00: Lunch

2:00 - 3:30: Work-in-progress session

4:00 - 5:30: Session 9: New directions (Chair: Bob Braden, USC/ISI)

  • Declarative Routing: Extensible Routing with Declarative Queries (paper) (slides)
    Boon Thau Loo (University of California, Berkeley)
    Joseph M. Hellerstein (UC, Berkeley & Intel Research Berkeley)
    Ion Stoica (University of California, Berkeley)
    Raghu Ramakrishnan (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

  • Towards a global IP Anycast service (paper) (slides)
    Hitesh Ballani, Cornell University
    Paul Francis, Cornell University

  • Towards an Evolvable Internet Architecture (paper)
    Sylvia Ratnasamy, Intel Research Berkeley
    Scott Shenker, ICSI and U.C.Berkeley
    Steven McCanne, Riverbed Technology

6:00 - 7:00: Outrageous opinion session

Friday August 26

9:00 - 12:30: Morning tutorial (T3)

9:00 - 5:00: Workshops (W3, W4)

12:30 - 1:30: Lunch

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