Accepted posters

The call for posters is available here.

Note that the paper numbers below are hyperlinks to the posters in pdf format.

Poster Title Author Affiliation

101 Max-Min Fairness in Input-Queued Switches Madhu HosaagraharaDrexel University
Harish SethuDrexel University

104 MobySpace: Mobility Pattern Space Routing for DTNs Jeremie LeguayUniv. Pierre & Marie Curie
Timur FriedmanUniv. Pierre & Marie Curie
Vania ConanThales Communications

131 Distributed Popularity Indices Ashish GuptaNorthwestern University
Peter DindaNorthwestern University
Fabian BustamanteNorthwestern University

102 TIE Breaking: Tunable Interdomain Egress Selection Renata C. TeixeiraUC San Diego
Timothy G. GriffinUniv of Cambridge
Mauricio G. C ResendeAT&T Research
Jennifer RexfordPrinceton University

113 Localized On-Demand Link State Routing for Fixed Wireless Networks Junling WangUniv of South Carolina
Sanghwan LeeUniverisity of Minnesota
Zifei ZhongUniv of South Carolina
Srihari NelakuditiUniv of South Carolina

120 Scalable Deterministic Overlay Network Diagnosis Yao ZhaoNorthwestern University
Yan ChenNorthwestern University
David BindeUC Berkeley

135 Stable Egress Route Selection for Interdomain Traffic Engineering: Model, Analysis and Policies Hao WangYale University
Haiyong XieYale University
Y. Richard YangYale University
Li Erran LiBell-labs
Yanbin LiuBell-labs
Avi SilberschatzUT Austin

136 On the Stability of Interdomain Inbound Traffic Engineering Hao WangYale University
Haiyong XieYale University
Yang Richard YangYale University

139 Swing: Generating Representative High-Speed Packet Traces Kashi V. VishwanathUC San Diego
Amin VahdatUC San Diego

147 Impact of Degree Correlations on Topology Generators Priya MahadevanUC San Diego
Dmitri KrioukovCAIDA
Bradley HuffakerCAIDA
kc claffyCAIDA
Amin VahdatUC San Diego

152 How Asymetric is Internet Routing? A systematic Approach Yihua HeUC Riverside

121 Towards a High-speed Router-based Anomaly/Intrusion Detection System Zhichun LiNorthwestern University
Yan GaoNorthwestern University
Yan ChenNorthwestern University

141 Optimizing IP Address Assignment and Static Routing at Large Scale Jonathon DuerigUniversity of Utah
Robert RicciUniversity of Utah
Jay LepreauUniversity of Utah
John ByersBoston University

111 Network Traffic Anomaly Detection Through Correlation Integrals Song LuoUniversity of Central Florida
Gerald MarinFlorida Institute of Technology

119 Overlay TCP: Ending End-to-End Transport For Higher Throughput Himabindu PuchaPurdue University
Y. Charlie HuPurdue University

123 Z-MAC: a Hybrid MAC for Wireless Sensor Networks Ajit WarrierNorth Carolina State University
Jeongki MinNorth Carolina State University
Injong RheeNorth Carolina State University

125 The structure of an Instant Messenger Network and itsVulnerability to Malicious Codes Cheryl D. MorseThe College of William & Mary
Haining WangThe College of William & Mary

134 Estimating Achievable Capacity Lili WangUniversity of Kentucky
James GriffioenUniversity of Kentucky
Ken CalvertUniversity of Kentucky

143 Network Distance Estimation with Virtual Topology Sanghwan LeeUniv of Minnesota
Zhi-li ZhangUniv of Minnesota
Sambit SahuIBM Research
Mukund SrinivasanUniv of Minnesota
Debanjan SahaIBM Research

144 Peer-to-Peer Receiver-driven Mesh-based Streaming Nazanin MaghareiUniversity of Oregon
Amir H RastiUniversity of Oregon
Daniel StutzbachUniversity of Oregon
Reza RejaieUniversity of Oregon

151 Classifying the Types of Autonomous Systems in the Internet Xenofontas DimitropoulosGeorgia Tech
Dimitri KrioukovCAIDA
George RileyGeorgia Tech
kc claffyCAIDA

149 PSON: A Scalable Peer-to-Peer File Sharing System Supporting Complex Queries Jyoti AhujaUniversity of Connecticut
Jun-Hong CuiUniversity of Connecticut
Shigang ChenUniversity of Florida

128 Multivariate SVD Analyses For Network Anomaly Detection Jeff TerrellUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Lingsong ZhangUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Zhengyuan ZhuUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Kevin JeffayUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Haipeng ShenUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Andrew NobelUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
F. Donelson SmithUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

110 Experimental Study of Hidden-node Problem in IEEE802.11 Wireless Networks Chung NgThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Soung Chang LiewThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Ka Chi ShaThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Wai Ting ToThe Chinese University of Hong Kong

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