SIGCOMM 2003 will be held at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany.
The main conference venue is in building 30.95.


  • From Frankfurt Airport (FRA) to Karlsruhe main station (called Hauptbahnhof)
    Most probably you will be arriving at Frankfurt Airport (FRA). An hourly train directly connects the airport to the city of Karlsruhe (journey time: 1 hour, fare: 25-30$). Click here for a timetable. The train station (called Fernbahnhof) is located inside the airport building. All connections in the timetable are direct connections, so no train change is needed. Please note that Frankfurt Airport has two railway stations: One for regional trains, which basically means the connection to downtown Frankfurt. And one for long-distance trains (the Fernbahnhof) where the trains to Karlsruhe depart.
  • From Karlsruhe main station to your hotel (Map)
    • Dorint:
      Trams no. S4 (directions Bretten, Eppingen, Heilbronn) or no. 2 (direction Durlach) to stop "Kongresszentrum"
    • Queens:
      Trams no. S4 (directions Bretten, Eppingen, Heilbronn) or no. 2 (direction Durlach) to stop "Augartenstrasse"
    • Schlosshotel and Residenz Ringhotel:
      located near the main station
    • Renaissance Hotel:
      Tram no. 3 (direction Siemensallee) to stop "Baumeisterstrasse" or "Mendelsohnplatz"
  • From your hotel to the conference site (University of Karlsruhe)
    • Dorinth:
      Trams no. S4 (directions Bretten, Eppingen, Heilbronn) or no. 2 (direction Durlach) to stop "Durlacher Tor"
    • Queens:
      Trams no. S4 (directions Bretten, Eppingen, Heilbronn) or no. 2 (direction Durlach) to stop "Durlacher Tor"
    • Schlosshotel and Residenz Ringhotel:
      Trams no. S4 (directions Bretten, Eppingen, Heilbronn) or no. 2 (direction Durlach) to stop "Durlacher Tor"
    • Renaissance Hotel:
      Tram no. 3 (direction Siemensallee) transfer at the next stop, "Kronenplatz" to tram no. S2 (direction Bretten), S4 (direction Bretten, Eppingen, Heilbronn), S5 (direction Pforzheim), 1 or 2 (direction Durlach), 4 (direction Waldstadt) to stop "Durlacher Tor"
  • Note:

    • "direction" translates to "Richtung" in German.
    • Pay attention to the numbers of the trams. For example tram no. 3 is completely different to tram no. S3

  • Using public transport at Karlsruhe (Map)
    After registration you will get a tram pass on the back of your badge. You may use this pass to travel within the city of Karlsruhe at will.
  • From the Karlsruhe main station to Frankfurt Airport (FRA)
    Timetables for the train back to Frankfurt Airport Fernbahnhof are available for Friday evening and Saturday. If you want to travel another day, you will find information on the site of Deutsche Bahn AG


  • You need some cash to buy your first tram ticket to your hotel (remember you will have a tram pass after registration). The single-ride fare is 2 Euro (≈ $2).
  • You will get cash from the ATM machines of almost any bank at Karlsruhe (24 hours a day). There are also ATM machines at the airports. Typical banking hours in Germany are: Mon-Fri 9am-noon and 2pm-4pm. There are also special currency exchanges at the Frankfurt airport. (It might be difficult to find one in Karlsruhe)


  • The Registration desk will be open every day from 8am to 6pm.

Internet access

  • There will be some computers with Internet access
  • There will also be the possibility to connect your Notebook to the Internet via Wireless LAN
  • Don't forget to bring your own power adapter for Germany. Remember also that the voltage in Germany is 220V, 50Hz. Most modern power supplies support different voltages.

Social events

  • Reception
    Monday, August 25 from 17:30 to 19:30 at Schloss Karlsruhe
  • Student Dinner
    Tuesday, August 26 starting at 19:00 at Brauhaus "Kühler Krug"(Brewery and Biergarten)
  • Excursion
    Wednesday, August 27 from 17:15 to 22:45 to Heidelberg
  • Outrageous Opinions
    Thursday, August 28 from 18:35 to 19:35 at main conference venue, building 30.95


  • Breakfast
    Since breakfast is usually included in the room rate SIGCOMM will only serve beverages in the morning.
  • Lunch
    SIGCOMM will be providing lunch for conference, workshop and tutorial attendees.
  • Dinner
    There will be a conference dinner on one evening during the week. So all you really need to do is find a few dinners. Karlsruhe is a university town and so it is easy to get a meal (and a beer!) at a modest price (between $10 and $15).