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How to give an Outrageous talk at Sigcomm 2000

If you have an outrageous opinion you would like to share, submit a really short summary (2-50 words) to Gary Delp with "Outrageous Opinion" in the subject line; Alternately, find the cheerful fellow pictured here and hand him a slip of paper with your name, how to reach you, the title of your talk, and said 2-50 word summary. Presenters will be selected from the multitude of submissions by at least one SIGCOMM executive committee. The list of selected presenters will be posted during the session. The truly outrageous talk will dance the fine line between technological absurdity, absolute fortune telling, and declamatory diatribes destined to decimate the delicate dendrites of deduction developed during daily dialogue. The outrageous opinions session has been a growing fixture of SIGCOMM since 1995 and is the ideal forum for your world changing idea.

  • Passed up by the program committee on your paper to change the protocol octets to 11-bit quantities because a prime provides more transport protection from alternate endian gateways?
  • Have a formula to accurately predict the makeup of the SIGCOMM program committee in 2010?
  • Found a way to encapsulate ATM cells inside IP version 6 addresses?

The last two suggestions were winners of the OO session last year in Boston, so do not repeat them, but if you have ideas that should be contained to avoid loss of tenure, then here is the place to air them. (Take a look at last years winners) The outrageous Opinion session will be held Wednesday evening from 5:15-6:30pm (1715-1830). Important note: the winner will receive a nice prize donated by fantastic sponsors!

Take a look at last years call for outrage to get an idea of the sweep of history related to this event.

Dendrites are highly complex neuronal structures, which receive and integrate information from other neurons.