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slide 1I used this slide to introduce the talk while I struggled (valiantly, I thought) to talk fast enough to get everything that I had to say into just 4 minutes.

Basically, my outrageous opinion was that industry was should stop gobbling up all of the good students before those of us in academia are "done with them".  They hire away the good juniors before they can finish their degree.  They wave so much money at the seniors that they won't consider graduate school.  Those that do come for a masters degree are lured away before they can begin any elaborate toward a Ph.D. degree, so our Universities are scrambling to hire new junior faculty.

The reference to "Ohio" was a bit of a joke that I explained on the way to the podium, set up beautifully by the moderator.  I'm from Ohio University, where we recently got a trademark on the name "Ohio" so that we could, basically, annoy the folks at "The Ohio State University", and we're now known as just

The footnote at the bottom was a reference to the "thought provoking" plenary speech by Dr. Larry Roberts in which he proposed familial relationships between Internet pioneers and the Internet.

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