MobiCom '95

The First International Conference
Mobile Computing and Networking 1995

November 13-15, 1995

Claremont Hotel, Berkeley, California, USA

MobiCom - Removing the Shackles

Sponsored by ACM's Special Interest Groups: SIGCOM, SIGOPS, SIGMETRICS, SIGACT and by CESDIS NASA

The wireless communication revolution is bringing fundamental changes to telecommunication and computing. Wide-area cellular systems and wireless LANs promise to make integrated networks a reality and provide fully distributed and ubiquitous mobile computing and communications, thus bringing an end to the tyranny of geography. Furthermore, services for mobile user are maturing and are poissed to change the nature and scope of communication. This conference, the first of an annual series, has been established to serve as the premier forum for addressing networks, systems, algorithms and applications that support the symbiosis of portable computers and wireless networks.

ACM MobiCom '95 is the first conference to bring together computing researchers and professionals studying mobility issues from several different perspectives:

  • Designing effective mobile computing environments that can deal with changing and sporadic connectivity.
  • Architecting end-to-end networks of wireless and fixed segments.
  • Building applications for providing robust ubiquitous service.

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