3rd Annual
CoNEXT Conference
Columbia University
New York, NY
December 10-13, 2007

Changing Internetworking Paradigms

Sponsored by ACM Sigcomm

Camera-ready Guidelines and Submissions

The deadline for submitting the camera-ready version of your paper is October 19, 2007. Please try to submit it earlier if possible.
The paper can be uploaded by login into EDAS using your EDAS user name and accessing the EDAS page for your paper.
The camera-ready version of your paper should incorporate modifications made to address the reviewers comments, and be no more than 12-page long when formatted according to the 10pt modified LaTeX ACM template.
The ACM copyright strip should be present on the paper's front page and include the following information: (c)2007 ACM 978-1-59593-770-4/ 07/ 0012 5.00

Note that you are also requested to email the Program co-chairs (conext2007@co-next.net ) by October 7, 2007, a draft version of your camera-ready paper together with a brief description of how the reviewers comments have been addressed. The chairs reserve the right to ask you to make additional modifications, if they believe these are required to properly address the reviewers comments or improve the paper's readability.

Last but not least, a signed ACM copyright form MUST be mailed ON OR BEFORE October 5, 2007, to the attention of the CoNEXT 2007 publication chair at the following address:

Lakshminarayanan Subramanian
715 Broadway, Room No. 706
New York, NY 10003, U.S.A.

Failure to comply with this requirement will prevent your paper from appearing in the conference proceedings.

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