Changing Internetworking Paradigms

2nd CoNEXT Conference


4-7 December 2006

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Poster and Abstract Rules


Poster Format

Poster must respect the following format and be displayed vertically:
width: 84 cm = 33.1 in
height: 100 cm = 39.4 in


Camera Ready version for Poster Abstracts

If you are an author please format your abstract according to the formatting 
rules below and submit it into the Student Worksop CAMERA READY Submission
Online Submission System:
Please follow format  instruction below.

Copyright form:
The ACM a copyright form signed by the lead author of each paper using the template available at must be sent by fax to: +351 21 782 64 88. Copyright template available at:

Paper Submission Format: Poster Abstarcts must be no more than 2 pages long and follow striclty the format for ACM Proceedings.  Title page with copyright strip/ISBN (ISBN strip and Templates available below).

ACM SIG Proceedings Templates

The offical ACM Proceedings Format is available as templates in the following formats.

Option 2: LaTeX2e - Tighter Alternate style - (may reduce the total number of pages)

Use this set of files to produce articles WITH the permission block, conference location, copyright line, etc.
This style essentially conforms to the style yet produces a tighter-looking format which invariably means fewer pages.

Copyright Paragraph for First Page of Each Paper

The ACM Copyright Paragraph must appear on the first page of each paper, except those authors who have signed in Box B (work for U.S. Government ) of the copyright form.

"Permission to make digital or hard copies of all or part of this work for personal or classroom use is granted without fee provided that copies are not made or distributed for profit or commercial advantage, and that copies bear this notice and the full citation on the first page. To copy otherwise, to republish, to post on servers or to redistribute to lists, requires prior specific permission and/or a fee."


Create the Strip as follows:
© 2006 ACM 1-59593-456-1/ 06/ 0012 5.00


For Government Papers

Exception B: Government papers - ACM Copyright Form
(signed part B). Please check with the signing author to determine which of the following options applies. Note the addition of option #3.

Option #1. Government employee/authors (US and other)

"This paper is authored by an employee(s) of the [U.S.] Government and is in the public domain."

Note: The usual "government" bibliographic strip information applies here without copyright, e.g.

Journal or Conference name, date, city
ISBN 1-58113-xxx-x/yy/mm

Option #2. Government-affiliated authors (funded contractors or co-authors with goverment employees) Note: ACM copyright is evident in this case.

"(c) 200x Association for Computing Machinery. ACM acknowledges that this contribution was authored or co-authored by a contractor or affiliate of the [U.S.] Government. As such, the Government retains a nonexclusive, royalty-free right to publish or reproduce this article, or to allow others to do so, for Government purposes only."

The usual ACM bib strip w/ copyright notice also applies here, e.g.,

Conference name, date, city [state, country] (c) 200x ACM ISBN [or ISSN] /yy/mm...$5.00

Option #3. Foreign Government Holding Copyright

"This paper is co-authored by employees of [agency] and is copyright by the Government of [country]. Non- exclusive permission to copy and publish the paper is granted, provided that the authors and [agency] are clearly identified as its source."

(c) 200x [Govt. agency or Crown of __________]

If you have LaTeX-specific questions please consider checking out the SIG FAQ FILE first.
All other questions can go to Adrienne Griscti at

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