ACM ICN 2022, Osaka, Japan

9th ACM Conference on Information-Centric Networking (ICN 2022), Sept. 19–21, 2022

Visa Information

How to get a visa

All the participants from outside Japan should obtain a visa according the following procedure: It takes at least 7 days after applying the ERFS certificate at the 3 rd step. Generally, obtaining a visa requires at least 10 days.

Please check your country status at the following sites:

Please start the following procedure as soon as possible.

  • 1st step: performs the on-site registration at the conference site.
  • 2nd step: reserves a hotel.
  • 3rd step: requests the ERFS certificate at the site of Conference Service Inc.
    • You need send the required information to Conference Service Inc.
    • After about 2 days, you will receive the ERFS certificate via E-mail.
  • 4th step: go to the Japanese embassy or consulate in your country with the ERFS certificate to apply a visa.
    • After about 5 days later, you obtain a visa. The duration depends on your country.

NEWS: For attendees from US or Canada, easy eVISA application is possible online. Please check the information HERE.

Certificate of the ERFS System

Most of foreign new immigrants need “Certificate for Completion of Registration to the ERFS System (受付済証)” to enter into Japan. The agency, Conference Service Inc, can send the certificate to the following persons:

  • Authors of ICN 2022 main conference, including poster/demo session
  • Steering committee members and PC members
  • Researchers or students of Information Centric Networking or computer networking

How to apply the ERFS certificate

If you would like to get the certificate to enter into Japan, please contact Conference Service Inc., after you register as an on-site conference participant. The agent helps you obtain an ERFS certificate for 5,500 yen per person.

Important notice

Conference Service Inc. cannot provide the certificate to persons of the following countries:

  • Countries/regions classified as Red
  • Countries/regions classified as Yellow, and Home quarantine and other measures are required

Conference Service Inc. will withdraw the certificate if your quarantine period and other measures have changed to 3-day home quarantine due to status change of your country / region classified.

For up-to-date and previse information, please ask your local embassy, or please visit the following links:

Apply for the ERFS certification

You can request the ERFS certificate at the site of Conference Service Inc.


If you have any questions about getting the certificate, please contact the registration chairs via