ACM ICN 2014, September 24-26, 2014, Paris, France
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1st ACM Conference on Information-Centric Networking (ICN-2014)

CCN 1.0

Quarter-day Tutorial: Wednesday afternoon (14:00-16:00), September 24, 2014.


CCN has become the groundwork of much of the ICN work in the past few years. Since the project started in 2007 and with the release of the CCNx distribution in 2009 there has been a growing interest in the CCN architecture. CCN has continued to advance as we’ve learned from simulation, research, experimentation and prototyping. CCN 1.0 is the evolution of CCN. This tutorial will cover the base networking protocol. It will go over the changes in the protocol and the reasons for the changes as well as a description of the new techniques and constructs used. Finally, as time permits we will go over the status of the current software suite.

Tutorial Outline

Introduction to CCN 1.0.

  • CCN Project update.
  • CCN 1.0 core protocol.
  • Procol changes since CCN 0.x.
  • CCN 1.0 auxiliary protocols and constructs.
  • Packet formats.

The CCNx 1.0 software suite.

  • PARC Utility Libraries.
  • CCNx Forwarder.
  • CCNx Transport Stack and APIs.
  • Hello world.

About the Speakers

Nacho (Ignacio) Solis is a Principal Scientist at PARC where he works as a protocol architect for CCN. He has worked on ICN for the past 10 years in numerous environments including sensor networks, ad-hoc networks and disruptive environments. Nacho has led projects developing ICN network protocols as well as the ICN applications. He was been the PI and advisor on various DARPA programs where he incorporated ICN technologies to military networks. For the past 18 months Nacho has been working on the CCN 1.0 spec with the rest of the team.

Glenn Scott is a Principal Engineer at PARC where he acts as lead software architect for CCN. In his previous role as Senior Research Scientist at Sun (Oracle) Glenn led projects focused on distributed systems, filesystems and networking. He has a track record of moving computer science research into commercial product teams. Glenn is currently focusing on the implementation, design, testing, documentation and performance of the CCN 1.0 software suite.

Glenn Edens is Vice President at PARC, leading the Network and Distributed Systems group. He is in charge of CCN commercial efforts and industrial partnerships. In the past Glenn served CEO of Range Networks, SVP and Director of Sun Labs, Chief of Technology Strategy and Chief Scientist at HP; and President of AT&T Strategic Ventures. Glenn co-founded Grid Systems Corporation, the company that developed the first laptop computer.

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